Preparation and maintenance


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           Plants Mycorrhized with Black Truffle

                                           Preparation and maintenance    

  There are two possible methods of preparation:

  - Grassed method : vegetation can be left in the plot where a grinding machine will be used. The future truffle plants then will be put in plough lines or holes dug with a little shovel.During the dry season, a reaping or a shredding of the vegetation will have to be done in order to avoid soil compaction.

  - The « traditional » method : a soil ploughing will be carried out before any planting, Harrowing can be done at will until the fourth year, but then it will have to be done only once a year. It is not advisable to plant on lands that have experienced wood clearing, especially if there was oak wood.Moreover, in this particular case, heavy restructuring operations are needed and the realization of temporary cultures before carrying out any plantation is compulsory.

During the plantation, young plants will enter into a quite critical phase that is called “root recovery” and will need the closest attention. Indeed, a successful plantation will directly depend on the care that has been provided to the young plants during their transplantation. This care must be provided for a minimum period of two or three years.

During the first two years, watering the plant is very important, on the one hand to encourage the tree growth and recovery, and on the other hand to allow the maintenance of a good mycorrhization.

After two years, watering is not necessary anymore. A well-thought irrigation will be resumed when the tree will become productive (however, watering has to be adapted depending on climatic conditions at the time).

It will be necessary to insure that an optimal sunshine is provided, even in the most meridional situations. The maintenance of a well open space is essential.

Pruning remains the main way to keep this opening, From the second year, a light pruning will be done, cutting only one branch in order to always keep the same air and root balance.